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Rocket & Orange


Rocket & Orange run a family-friendly café in Altrincham. The problem was that they operated in an increasingly competitive market that was greatly affected by the weather. So we needed to create an experience that would differentiate the café to its customers. This would help Rocket & Orange reposition themselves in the market, while helping us to showcase our latest playscape to a highly engaged audience.


Collaborating with Rocket & Orange, our role was to create an immersive experience in the café that would resonate with family audiences. Our approach was to develop a one-day event in partnership with Rocket & Orange. We used large-scale props from our Pirates & Sea Monsters playscape and lots of ambient props to create a destination space in the cafe. Our giant octopus and desert island was ideal for the age group being targeted. Together with Rocket & Orange we socialised the event, targeting family groups.


Amazingly we turned the whole event around in two months. Altogether, we attracted a large family audience to the event, significantly increasing the café sales and the visibility and brand footprint of Rocket & Orange.

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